Tunmise was the winner of Loud in Silence Season 5. She hails from a well known musical family; a daughter of a renown musician Oto Laleye.

Tunmise scale through the auditions to a fierce grand finally where she was faced with other talented qualifiers. Her performance set her apart as she sang gracefully with her rich tone and seamless runs. She won the competition with a star prize which included €1000 , a single record deal, one year promotion and career advancement. Winning the competition also gave Tunmise the opportunity to meet with her  mentor Rachel Kerr who was the main guest artiste and a judge at the event.

Rahael Kerr during her interview at the Spirit Radio confirmed that she had to stand up during Tunmise’s performance as she couldn’t resist her skillful and unique vocal riffs. After the event, Tunmise had a once off opportunity to bond with Rachael Kerr at a dinner set up in a prestigious restaurant.

Tunmise gained the opportunity to come into the lime light as she was featured in several concerts and church events. Rapping up her one year promotion, she launched her debut single titled “So Reliable” which was published on spotify, itunes, Youtube and other social platforms.

After the completion of Tunmise’s one year contract with TU, she joined our assigned vocal coach to train and prep other contestants that enrolled for the following season. At the moment, she is actively involved in pursuing her musical career as well as her education.