About Us

Treasure Unravelled is a Non-Profit Organization, the host of Loud in silence.

Our mission is to harness musical talent among the numerous churches and christian communities across the different nations. We create a platform where talents are not only  showcased, but also rewarded. Treasure Unravelled provides the opportunity for them to advance their musical career while preaching the gospel through music.

Treasure Unravelled started with Ireland’s gospel talent hunt from 2014 until 2020 when the global pandemic struck and Ireland was under a severe lockdown. Instead of cancelling our already planned event for 2020, we decided to go virtual and extend it to the other nations. Hence, the expansion from being only Ireland’s talent hunt to the global gospel musical competition. 

Loud in silence has featured alot of renown and award wining artists which include Guvna B (UK), Faithchild (UK), Timothy Reddick (USA), Jammie Edwards (Jamaica) , Rachel Kerr (UK), and many others

Our event is one of the fastest-growing gospel events that numerous people look forward to every year, and has remained successful through the years. 

Treasure Unravelled is driven by a very strong team of volunteers who are very interested in preserving talents in the body of Christ. This team is led by the founder- Marvellous Amiadamhen (Marv Amen), a man of vision and passion. He communicates the vision-direction and the team follows with unflinching support to fulfil the vision. As he always says, “this vision is bigger than me hence the need for a strong and passionate team like this”.

Our slogan remains …preserving the levites and creating value for gospel music.