About Us

Our Organization

Treasure Unravelled is a gospel organization, the host of Ireland’s Gospel Talent Hunt tagged ‘Loud in silence’. Our mission is to harness musical talent among the numerous churches and communities in Ireland, and create a platform where these gifts are not only showcased, but also rewarded. We have the skills and ability to discover great talents, train and mentor them. Our event is one of the leading gospel event in Ireland as numerous people look forward to it every year and we are very good at what we do.

Previous Events

In our previous events, we had great number of participants which involved solo artist, band/ group and choir. We had auditions among registrants, qualifiers were given music workshop, vocal training by experts, fun day-out, radio interview, etc and on the grand finale, the audience are given the opportunity to vote as well as the judge’s verdict, and winners were given cash awards, single record production, One year promotion and career advancement.
Our grand finale are usually great events with lots of varieties and performances from artist (including renowned artist from abroad and within Ireland). Progressively the standard and awareness of the event has grown tremendously.