Blessing Virtual Edition 2020 Winner

Woo Hoo! The winner of the trending global gospel talent hunt 2020 has finally emerged. She is no other person but BLESSING AJIEH.

It was a tough competition with over 300 contestants which was initially scaled down to 63 after the first audition, then to 20, and 12 contestants at the grand finale.

In the first round of the competition, it was a tough one for the judges to pick their top 5 based on their set criteria. However, the game changed in the second round of the competition when Blessing Ajieh came up with an outstanding performance, a strong vocal agility and dynamics. She did a song titled “You Raise Me Up”, she modified the original song with a tweak on it without losing the rhythmic flavor of the song.

Jermaine Edward who was a guest artist and also the guest judge of the day, testified that indeed it was a tough decision among the judges as all the finalists were equally good. However, Blessing deserved the winner as she  projected herself in full control and gracefully took ownership of the song.

When the winner was announced, Blessing Ajieh could not believe herself being the winner, she was speechless for a while as her tongue could not find words to express her overwhelming joy.
Shortly after the event was over, The Spirit Radio FM 89.9 Ireland granted her an interview over the phone and publicly announced her as the winner of Loud In Silence virtual edition 2020.
Blessing Ajieh has won €2500.00 cash prize. She is now an ambassador of Treasure Unravelled. Congratulations!!!