We want to thank everyone for your support and earnest prayer towards our vision. I want to use this medium to introduce the TU team to you.

Treasure Unravelled is driven by a very strong team of volunteers who are very interested in preserving gospel music talents in the Body of Christ. The team is led by Marvellous Amiadamhen (Marv Amen), a man of vision and passion. He communicates the vision-direction and the team follows with unflinching support for the fulfilment of the vision. As he always says “ this vision is bigger than me, hence the need for a strong and passionate team like this”.

The Treasure Unravelled Team is propelled by four ‘Ps’: Pursuit, Practice, Passion and Product. Simply put, Talent hunting is our pursuit; Talent development is our practice; Talent rewarding is our passion; Talent preservation is our product.

We are all consumed by the goal of moving every talent from pursuit to product and it has been very rewarding. Over the years, the team has become more of a family than just a group of people working together just for the purpose of the work. Every member of the team look out for one another and always ready to step in for one another if anyone is facing a challenge that could affect their function in the team at any given time.

No member of the team is being paid for what we do but the 4 Ps keep us going. We know that our service in Treasure Unravelled is a service unto God – our contribution to the expansion of God’s kingdom here on earth. As a team, we know and agree that the mission is bigger than any individual’s interest, therefore agreeing on a unified way of achieving a set goal is one of the key factors that have characterized our success over the years, and that explains why each year we are getting better and waxing stronger.

We are not without challenges as a team. However, we have discovered that every challenge that came our way had somehow made us better. The biggest challenge was the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 which led to an almost total lockdown of the world. In the middle of that challenge the team was able to come up with a solution that eventually enhanced our ability to reach more talents than we imagined at the beginning of that year.

Planning is on-going right now by the team to improve on the success of last year and attain greater heights this year. We are setting new goals and reassessing the existing goals in order to formulate a workable plan that will propel us to the new heights this year and years to come.

Our events are opened for sponsorship, ideas and suggestions on how to move Treasure Unravelled forward in order to increase our impact on Gospel Music worldwide. We have the desire to reach more nations in search for talents to develop and preserve in the kingdom. If you are interested in this and you are willing to get involved, please feel free to contact us.


David Akeredolu