It’s been an amazing journey with all the contestants since the beginning of the competition till now. We Started with over 300 contestants which was reduced to 63 contestants after the first audition. In the second round of the audition, 23 of them were eliminated from the competition leaving only 20 top contestants.

The basis for deciding which contestants qualify to the next round of the competition was both the Judges’ scores on the individual’s live performance and the public vote count which was usually collated 2 days before the live audition. That is,  70% judges’ verdict  and 30%public vote.

However, The top  20 contestants had a tough contest last week end, as the judges could hardly pick their 10 qualifiers. Nevertheless, they got their top 10!!!! but with the vote results that was later added to the judges scores, the whole game changed- some of the judges top scored contestants were filtered off as they only got less vote compared to others.

The judges could not overlook the outcome of overall result. In the spirit of fairness, deliberations were held about invoking the extra wild card provision. Hence, 2 contestants were unanimously chosen by the judges to qualify to the grand finale- Edegwa Queen and Iguaze Aikhoje. Hence the 12 current qualifiers are as follow:

1. Ayo Jimoh
2. Kelvin Obinna

3. Adebola Shammah

4. Helen Joe

5. Queen Edegwa

6. Princewill

7. Iguaze Aikhoje

8.Abigeal Melvis

9. Blessing Ajieh

10. Demilade

11. Tovi Emmanuel

12. Joy Philip

At the moment we have 12 qualifiers which will be featuring Saturday being August 1st.

first round is 12:00-14:00

Second round 16:00 – 1800

Good luck to all the contestants