My name is Maren Gutierrez Condori from Bolivia, South America.  I am a commercial engineer.  As an artistic person, I love to sing and play the keyboard.
I was a contestant at the Loud in Silence gospel talent competition hosted by Treasure Unravelled Season 5 (2018)
The experience I had was most fascinating and refreshing. It was a dream come-true for me, as  I was able to determine my true goals. The entire event gave me the opportunity to analyse and reflect on what I possess, my ability, skills and potential.  With the training program organised by the team really made me to embrace my musical style without losing my identity or trying to be like everyone else. Also observing the other contestants gave me the hope and optimistic view about the future of gospel music globally.
I appreciate this vision and the entire team of Treasure Unravelled for what they are doing, creating a platform where God is endlessly glorified.
Maren G. Condori.
LIS contestant 2018