Too Loud To Be Silent…

There is a buzzing in the ears. A tingling in the feet. A churning in the stomach. There is a swell of anxiety. It is now or never. The throat is dry, the eyes are bulging. The lub-dub sound of the heart intensifies. The skin perspires profusely. This lighting is too much!!! It is almost blinding. The crowd continues screaming “LOUD IN SILENCE! LOUD IN SILENCE” repetitively.

Want to run, NO!! Got to stay – adrenaline is coursing through my blood as confusion runs riot in my brains. Take this cup from me oh Lord, my mind exclaims. The presenter beckons – your time has come. “It’s ok”, a quiet voice says. It can be done.

The muscles contract, raising the ulna and radius – the mic is lifted  and a voice cries out in an era where there are too much voices. In a time, where cacophany of sound is now a norm. In a place where too much sound has become no sound at all. All it takes is for one to rise up and break away from the norm, arise and shine.