Loud in Silence virtual edition is the 7th anniversary of our gospel talent event. Due to the current global pandemic, Treasure Unravelled decided to make this year’s competition a virtual global event as a way of giving back to the society.   Regardless of location  anyone, anywhere could participate. Winner gets 2500.00 cash prize.

Registration is closed, first audition is now done, only 62 qualifiers went through to the next round of the competition. But right now, only 20 finalists are remaining in the competition which will further be reduced this weekend being Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th. It becomes tougher as it gets closer to the grand finale.  Now who is your favorite contestant? Remember every vote counts and the winner gets €2500.00 cash prize.
All the contestants are split in two groups equally: Group A and Group B.  This is to ensure a fair competition during the elimination stage.
July 18th, 19th.. at 4pm
August 1st- First round … at 12pm
August 1st- Second round… at 4pm
This event will be streamed live on Facebook, at TREASURE UNRAVELLED.
This event will also feature guest artists including: Jermaine Edward- Jamaica,  Dami Sax- Nigeria, Aaron Gardinner- Ireland, and Favour Ogedi- LIS winner 2019/Ireland.
Goodluck to all the contestants.