Blessing Ajieh is the current winner of Loud in silence virtual edition. She was crowned  winner among several talented artists from the different countries that participated in the competition. She is originally from Delta State, Nigeria.
 Blessing studied Biochemistry at Eikiti State University, Nigeria. She is a song composer/writer, and a professional singer.
The gospel minstrel started singing when she was at a young age still learning the basics of music. In order to further her musical development she decided to join the RCCG choir in the year 2000 where she gained consistent improvement in her singing dexterity.
Since then, she has gained the opportunity to minister on the same stage with renown artists such as Nathaniel Bassey, Don  Moen, Travis Greene, Mercy Chinwo, Bukola Bekes and many others.
Beside singing, Blessing is also a hair stylist, and a professional Cosmetologist.
To Blessing’s credit, she has released two singles titled: (1)  No One, (2) Agunechemba (The Lion that guides). She ascribed all glory to  God for the opportunity to participate in the global gospel competition (Loud in Silence virtual edition) when she won the first prize being 2500.00 euro cash prize.
In Blessing’s word she quotes:
“Treasure Unravelled, Loud In Silence has had a huge impact in my life that cannot be forgotten in a hurry. The privileges, drillings, advice et al, were exceptional. I never imagined winning but I always trusted God during the whole process(smiles) and now, I am very grateful to God for making me emerge as the winner. Like the Bible says, Not of works that any man should boast, I am entirely grateful There are a lot of plans for the future, with God at the centre of it all”
The TU team prays that God will help her fulfil her vision and musical aspiration.