About Us

Treasure Unravelled

Treasure Unravelled is a gospel organisation with the aim of preserving God’s Levites (Talents) in the Body of Christ, by giving every believer the encouragement and opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and also to participate in the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Music. Treasure Unravelled organises seminars, training, record deals, artist management, talent hunt, and concerts where talented gospel artists are given awards, appreciation, and other consolation prizes. We are set to epitomize gospel music by creating value for it.

Founder’s Passion

Music is amazing, it is heart-softening and it washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul. Like the word of GOD, it touches deep into the soul, into the marrows and the bones and changes the hardest of heart even to a state of brokenness. Music!!! It is an explosive expression of humanity, no matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music, it is the greatest treasure in the world. This is the perception of so many young gospel artist (Singers) who from their young age has the strong passion and talent to radically touch the hearts of people with their gift of singing, especially with the way gospel music has been revolutionised. The revolution of gospel music has become a big issue in most churches as they are reluctant to accept the contemporary style of gospel music. This has made the secular music more interesting to young and even old Christians alike. Today, most young Christians sneak to parties just to watch secular musicians, and others would play secular music on their birthday parties rather than gospel ones. The church has lost so many gospel singers who were supposed to be an asset to the church, and if the church doesn’t do anything to preserve God’s Levites, the church would lose more. The unfortunate part of it all is that, most of these famous secular artists were initially discovered and groomed in the church as choristers, decide to pursue their music career outside the borders of the church; If every believer begins to encourage young gospel singers and appreciate all kinds of talent in the church, we would be able to create value for gospel music. This is the reason Treasure Unravelled (TU) exists; to give God’s people the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and participate in the promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ through music. We intend to organize seminars, musical training, award concerts, talent hunt, artist management and record deal. We are set to epitomize gospel music and to create value for it.